The Human Income Coin referral program

The Human Income Coin referral program is a great opportunity for you to monetize your social channels no wonder of the size.

The program is very straightforward:

  • receive from us a dedicated weblink, your referral link
  •  re-post our videos or create your own videos in your Tiktok or other social media
  • make sure your referral link is well displayed on the title or comments to the video

Your commission is based on the number of users that register on our website following your referral link.

  • those registering for free generate a 2$ fee for you
  • those registering under a paid subscription generate a 50% commission on the price of the membership (we have membership of 20$ and 500$, so your commissions on those would be 10$ and 250$ respectively)

Registration on our website is carried out through biometric identification.

You can try yourself the system with free registration, here:

of course, if you perform the free registration using your referral link that will generate a 2$ commission for you.

Together with your referral link, you will be provided with a link to a page showing the stats related to the traffic that occurred on your referral link.

In general, you are completely free to manage your channel as you wish, and post as many videos as you like, however, you should not post more than one video a day from our video library. The number of videos taken from our library is counted before paying your fees and if an excess is detected each video in excess will accrue a penalty fee of 2$.

Here is the link to our video library:

Our videos are translated into several languages, we recommend you post those in your local language.

Conditions of Payment:

1. your commission is payable only once you have accrued at least 40$ or higher in referral fees

2. your commission is paid through Paypal or crypto transfers