Proof of Identity
Proof of Identity

What are the Human Income Coin and the Proof of Identity network

Over the past decade, blockchain has stoked a lot of interest and attracted a lot of attention from potential investors. Despite this, only 3% of the population owns any cryptos at all, no wonder the surrounding hype, risk and ESG concerns significantly cramp the adoption of the technology.

The proof of identity network introduces a revolutionary concept for blockchain technology, a new consensus protocol that distributes an equal unit of voting power and associated rewards to every single participant.

While establishing a fully decentralized, censorship resilient,  fully secure network of validators, the PoID creates a universal basic income for all individuals of the planet: the Human Income Coin.

How does the PoID work?

In the PoID individuals are requested to attend identification parties randomly organized by an AI engine.
During these parties, each attendee will perform a biometric scan of all others by using his mobile application, thus enforcing the principle: “everyone or no one is cheating”.

Once individuals are biometrical identified, they receive a minting token which enables the kick-off of their universal basic income. At the same time, their personal signature is assigned to a server cohort that will take care of the blocks validation process of the blockchain on their behalf.

The AI engine not only rules out any discretion or form of authority within the system but also computes the slightest chance of identity forgery at all levels, and keeps on organizing additional verification parties to constantly monitor the health of the ecosystem.

Learn more on the Proof of Identity network and the Human Income Coin

There is a lot to learn about the PoID and the Human Income Coin, please read our ”how does it work” page.

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White Paper

The Proof of Identity network and the Human Income Coin


Road Map

There is a long journey ahead and we plan to run fast.

Disclaimer: our estimated roadmap should not be intended as a contractual term

Our Team

Andrea Dalla Val

Founder – CEO

Andrea Dalla Val has an MBA from AGSM Sydney and a Master Degree in civil engineering from Parma University.

After beginning his career as an entrepreneur he has been always very passionate about innovative technologies and he developed a number of AR and Fintech applications; he joined the blockchain community in 2015 when he bought his first bitcoins and became obsessed with it ever since. 

Andrea incorporated crypto-related businesses in UK, Dubai, South Korea and consulted some of the major crypto exchanges around the world. 

After studying blockchain protocols for a long time, in 2021 Andrea designed the proof of identity network which was inspired by the dream of democratizing blockchain and making cryptos available to all.

MBA from AGSM Sydney
Engineering master’s degree Parma University


Elliott Rayne

Head of business development

Elliott is a successful entrepreneur in the crypto industry who created several projects in blockchain development and blockchain learning courses.

Elliot tis a world achiever within the crypto industry:
– Enterprise Nation 19/20: Winner U.K. Nationwide 19-22
– Next-generation Entrepreneur
– Trading Mentor Online: Certified trading/investment mentor 2021
– Contributed to coaching & building over £500,000 new client Investment Portfolios in 2021 alone
– Appeared in many public speaking  inspiring & motivating the youth of today to follow their dreams promoting ‘self-education

Entrepreneur – strategic direction

Evi Rachmilewitz


Evi Rachmilewitz has an MBA from Kellogg School of Management and a computer science bachelor of Arts from Reichman University.

Evi has been co-founder, Ceo, managing director, product manager of several IT companies operating in Europe and the USA.

Since 2011 he is the founder and CEO at Emyoli Technologies LTD a top-tier IT development company, employing 55 software engineers,  using agile methodologies and quality assurance engineers to deliver the sharpest solutions to a multitude of highly demanding industries such as Blockchain, AI, Web 3.0.

Executive MBA, Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University

Master’s Degree Computer Science, Reichman University

Entrepreneurship, team leader, technology researcher,

Marco Grassi

Head of biometric and cryptography strategy

Marco Grassi is a computer scientist since he was a kid, he completed his studies in the scientific field with a degree in Statistics from the University of Padua.

Software Developer by profession, with almost 30 years of experience in the design and development of innovative and interactive software solutions that help companies improve their productivity and the quality of their work. He took part in many innovative and high-profile projects.

Passionate about new web and mobile technologies, always looking for new, intuitive, and cutting edge solutions, he is recognized as an expert leader in driving multi-functional teams, managing and implementing complex IT projects to create reliable, flexible, and innovative products.

Statistics Master’s Degree – University  of Padua

System architect, team leader, technology researcher

Dmitriy Dovgiy

Head of the software architecture

Dmitriy Dovgiy is a software engineer with creative thinking and a problem-solving attitude.

Dmitriy is also a successful entrepreneur in the IT industry who leads a team of highly specialized software engineers to deliver first-tier solutions to several demanding industries such as medical, e-commerce, blockchain, Web 3.0.

Dmitriy skills and mastered technologies are just too long to list

Master’s degree Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics –

Entrepreneurship, team leader, technology researcher,

Gao Shan

Head of the blockchain development

Gao Shan is a full-stack blockchain software engineer who can build a blockchain and its infrastructure completely by himself, and therefore a great lead for our 3 engineers’ blockchain team.

After completing his master’s degree at the University of Science and Technology of China, he specialized in back-end, blockchain, smart contract technologies.

Shan’s solid expertise in Rust, Dapp development, MERN stack, Solidity,  NoSQL, Node, React, Python, C++, C#, CI/CD, Agile Project Management, Git, empowers him to approach any challenge with a full understanding of the solutions ahead.

Computer science Master’s degree from University of Science and Technology of China – Anhui, China.

Dapp development
MERN stack
Agile Project Management,

Entrepreneurship, team leader, technology researcher,

Larisa Zhmak

Project Manager

Larisa has a master’s degree in computer science from Kherson State University and 13 years of working experience.

Her career has been consistently focused on all aspects of the project management and business analysis of IT projects.

Larisa’s fields of expertise include project planning and analysis,  team coordination, documentation and process modeling, project controller, reporting, continuous improvement.


Master degree in computer science Kherson State University

Project management, project modelling, controller

Pavlo Galushko

Team Lead

Pavlo is a Tech Lead of the machine learning development team and architect with over 20 years of experience developing scalable, high-performance backend systems.

After graduating in computer science, Pavlo has quickly acquired a high level of skills to become a senior security software engineer at ‘Center of Rights” already in 2003.

Since then he has been leading teams in some international IT companies  while delivering complex projects involving several technologies  and highly skilled developers

C++ ● Python ● Node.JS ● JS ● MySQL ● Agile Project Management ● OOP ● Continuous Integration ● Machine Learning ● Data Analysis ● JIRA ● Git ● Android ● Linux ● Subversion ● Nginx

Technology researcher, Team lead, project management

Daniel Bolkisev

Team Lead

Daniel is an experienced Full Stack Developer who can quickly spot and fix problems in any software implementation.

After graduating in Cryogenic engineering and technologies, Daniel became a key member of several projects mainly as a senior full-stack engineer, back-end senior engineer.

He has about five years of development experience in various projects with different technological solutions.
He is very familiar and experienced with Web Application Architectures and has worked with a good number of successful development teams.

Cryogenic Engineering, National Technical University Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute

C++ ● Python ● Node.JS ● JS ● MySQL ● Agile Project Management ● OOP ● Continuous Integration ● Machine Learning ● Data Analysis ● JIRA ● Git ● Android ● Linux ● Subversion ● Nginx

Technology researcher, Team lead, project management

Oleksii Kanaev

Senior Front-end Engineer

Oleksii has a master’s degree from the National Technical University – Kharkiv Polytechnic.

Oleksii has been passionate about technology and computer science all his life: he holds a CS50 computer science course from Harward, an advanced course in Angular, a qualified certification as a professional in electronics and telecommunications.

For  some years now he has been focused on front end technologies and become an expert in Angular and React

Front end development and UXI

Andrey Shanin