The Proof of Uniqueness is a globally accessible technology that establishes remotely the uniqueness of every individual.

Prove you are a unique human and receive free Human Coins.

The Proof of Uniqueness is based on biometric technologies and identification parties. It is a L0 blockchain where one node is run by one individual, and one individual can only run one node.

The PoID is the foundation for a new consensus protocol that no longer wastes energy or depends on government approval because widely adopted and participated.

Proof of Identity
Proof of Identity

A new consensus protocol based on identified individuals and Identification parties

The Human Coin
Proof of Uniqueness Network

Proof of Identity Network

Non-quantitative proof.

Unlike PoW and PoS, the Proof of Uniqueness is non-quantitative, i.e. there is no correlation between the amount of proof required to validate blocks and the total market cap of the blockchain.

As the network is made of millions of nodes grouped in thousands of cohorts, the PoU is ten thousand-fold more efficient and decentralised than the Proof of Work and Proof of Stake..

The PoU is not exposed to 51% attacks, it does not depend on energy, and it cannot be censored because all nodes are anonymous and untraceable.

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The Proof of Uniqueness is achieved through online biometric technologies and identification parties.

The Proof of Uniqueness achieves the Proof of Personhood by combining Biometric Technologies and Identification Parties.

Once an individual performs the biometric procedure, his wallet starts receiving Human Coins in locked mode.

The online biometric identification makes the system fully distributed and censorship-free because everybody on the planet can access our technology and start accumulating Human Coins.

The second phase of the protocol is the attendance to an identification party. This requirement rules out the possibility of biometric attacks, or spoof identities, and therefore makes the system fully secure and accountable in time. Identification parties are organised in a decentralised way by the code, there is no central entity or discretion in the organisation of the parties.

The PoU network not only is run by individuals but also offers opportunities to all: run a node, acquire users, host an identification party to earn more coins and make your contribution.

The PoU has no pre-mining and distributes the whole value created to its participants.

Proof of Identity Network

The PoID has no center of authority, no single entity needs to be trusted as a safeguard.

In the PoU there is no central authority and all operations are decentralised: identification parties are randomly formed by the code stored in the blockchain, identification venues are operated without the need for operators, and biometric identification is performed not with biometric scanners but with an online technology.

Every operation of the network is the result of digital voting between nodes, where right outputs are rewarded with coins and cheating attempts are disqualified.

As every operation is carried out by the network of the nodes, the PoU is censorship free, and accessible to all individuals holding a smartphone and an internet connection.

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We are about to change everything: freeing blockchain from the dependence on energy-wasting and staking, creating a universal basic income that distributes cryptos to all individuals.

We will create a new Bitcoin and have all other major cryptos run under the Proof of Identity network, effectively scraping PoW and PoS, and so all the wealth currently enjoyed by energy providers and staking corporations will be instead distributed to individuals.

Proof of Identity Network